Advantages of Adding Personal Training to Your Fitness Routine

Advantages of Adding Personal Training to Your Fitness Routine

If you’re looking to add something new and different to your fitness routine in 2021, see some reason’s why adding Personal Training at PRA makes sense for you!

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Mitch Stahl-Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Accountability: Something you may not get from going to a gym on your own. Accountability is yet another factor to keep you coming and staying consistent with your exercise. This may also help your effort levels increase during exercise sessions.

Form Check: A personal trainer will help you to move more efficiently and correctly to avoid injury and increase strength. This will translate to moving better in everyday life and being stronger and more stable in different positions.

Weakness Detection: Getting personal training allows for greater attention to detail. Identifying weaknesses will help you move better, be happier and achieve your health and fitness goals.

Personalized/ Individualized Programming: Everyone is different! We all have different wants and needs, which is why an individualized program that is based on those wants and needs will work best. A general program may help you become healthier, but it could also lead to injury, take longer to achieve your goals and not help your specific weaknesses. For example, when you go out to eat…do you order what everyone else is getting just because it will fill you up? No, You get what you want and what fits your needs!

Mitch working with a personal training patient.

Confidence: The mentality that a good personal trainer has is to help you get more out of the sessions than a workout. Anyone can write a workout that makes you sweat. A good trainer wants their clients to be confident. We want to create an environment YOU can thrive and have fun in. Good trainers love to exercise and want to help you fall in love with it the way they are while helping you move better and smarter. This will give you more confidence in many different ways inside and outside the gym!

If you’re looking to add personal training to your fitness routine, please call Mitch Stahl, our Strength and Conditioning Specialist, at our CoralWest location at 319-545-4121 or send him an email