Persistent COVID-19 symptoms – “Long Haulers”

As COVID-19 remains the persistent storyline of 2020, it is becoming apparent that some

patients are continuing to deal with lingering symptoms that might last weeks and even months

after initial diagnosis. In the US, this subset of patients has been termed “long-haulers.”

These patients may have persistent cough, shortness of breath, and body aches. The most

common and debilitating symptoms appear to be fatigue and impaired concentration. Patients

may feel tired with normal daily tasks and experience headaches.

Physical therapy is an excellent treatment option for post COVID-19 patients, with a focus on

regaining strength, endurance and function. A physical therapist will do a thorough evaluation at

your first visit; taking the time to discuss when you were diagnosed, what treatments you had,

and what symptoms you are continuing to experience. Your physical therapist can teach you

appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises, provide you with an aerobic training

program to improve lung capacity, teach energy conservation strategies to decrease fatigue,

and focus on improving your overall health and wellness with nutrition tips for proper body

fueling during your time of recovery. A physical therapist may also perform manual therapy

techniques, such as soft tissue and joint mobilizations to decrease pain and improve movement.

If you are having difficulties with daily activities, or experiencing any of these prolonged

symptoms after COVID-19, physical therapy is an excellent treatment option. Having a physical

therapist on your post-COVID healthcare team will help facilitate the recovery to your normal


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