PRA Frequently Asked Questions

See the answers to some of the questions that we get most often. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us!

The first appointment includes a thorough evaluation by a licensed Physical Therapist which may include some or all of the following:

  • Palpation – Touching around the area of the reported problem. This may assist the therapist in identifying tenderness, swelling, muscle spasms, temperature, inflammation etc.
  • Range of Motion (ROM) – Moving your joint (s), either on your own, or with the assistance of the therapist to identify the quality of movement and to check for any restricted motions.
  • Strength Testing – Checking your muscle strength and quality of muscle contraction.
  • Neurological Screening – Checking the nerves to identify how well they are communicating with muscles, sensing touch, pain, and vibration. Reflexes may also be tested as part of this process.
  • Posture Assessment – Checking to see where the positions of your specific joints are relative to “ideal” and each other.
  • Special Tests – Other tests that your therapist may feel would best help identify the source of your complaints.

Following the initial evaluation your therapist will design a unique treatment program based upon your complaints, your goals for therapy, and their findings during the first visit. This treatment program may include educational information to help prevent future problems, a personalized exercise program, and/or manual, or “hands-on” therapy. Modalities may be used such as ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, and hot/cold packs to help with your symptoms. You and your therapist will also determine how frequently you need to attend physical therapy sessions and how many weeks your treatment sessions may last. The entire first treatment typically lasts 45 minutes to one hour. To help expedite your check in process, please download the appropriate forms HERE to bring with you on your first visit. Our forms are also available for you in all of our office locations.

  • Your referral for therapy, if given one, by your doctor or other health care provider
  • Your insurance card, if you would like for us to bill your personal insurance. If you are able to provide us with your insurance information in advance of your treatment, we will, as a courtesy to you, call your insurance company to provide an estimation of benefits to assist you in understanding your insurance coverage
  • If you are attending therapy on a Worker’s Compensation claim, please bring your case number and your case manager information.

Please dress comfortably keeping in mind that the therapist may need to access body parts associated with the injury. You may be doing light exercising during your treatment sessions. For example if you have a knee problem, its’ best to wear, or bring shorts. For a shoulder problem , a tank top is a good choice. Also please remember to wear comfortable foot wear as you may be doing activities that require standing and/or walking.

Your initial evaluation will typically last 45 minutes to one Hour. Your follow-up sessions will vary in length but will typically last anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

You are an integral part in your course of rehabilitation and recovery. Your therapist cannot fully help you with your goals without an active participation from you. We ask that all patients follow through with the exercise program and instructions on activity modification/advancement, as this is extremely important in expediting your recovery.

Many times your physician will give you a recommendation or a listing of therapy providers in your area. On occasion your insurance company will provide assistance in regards to which therapy providers are “in network” for your specific insurance plan. Ultimately, the decision as to where you receive your care is up to you! If you have a specific request, or a specific location you wish to attend therapy, please inform your physician or insurance company. If PRA is your choice for therapy, and in the unlikely event that PRA is not “in network”, most plans have “out of network” benefits that will allow you to choose PRA for your therapy sessions.

There are many factors that go in to deciding what therapy clinic is the best choice for you. Here are a list of things to consider when seeking out a therapy clinic:

  • Have you been to a therapy clinic/seen a specific therapist in the past? Based upon that experience would you return?
  • Is the clinic conveniently located to your home/work?
  • Do they take your insurance or are they able to work with you if they are not a preferred provider?
  • Will their hours of operation accommodate your daily schedule?
  • Can they provide satisfaction survey results?
  • Can you briefly discuss your potential referral to therapy prior to your initial evaluation?
  • What clinic/therapist is recommended by your family, friends, co-workers, teammates?

PRA is locally owned, with professional and support staff who live and work in your community. With over 25 years of service, and multiple clinic locations in the Iowa City, Coralville, Cedar Rapids, Tipton, and Williamsburg areas, we have built a reputation based upon Service, Access, and Outcomes. Not only do we strive to be YOUR therapy provider, but in doing so we want to create a lasting relationship in which you will return to us for future therapy needs, and will trust us with the care of your family and friends. If you have any questions on if PRA is right for your care, please call any of our clinic locations and a therapist would be happy to provide you with information to help you make your decision.