Occupational therapy at PRA is designed to treat impairments that interfere with a person’s ability to complete daily tasks.

An individualized plan will be developed to help you get back to daily activities that are now difficult or even impossible due to injuries of the hand/wrist/elbow, or neurological changes from a brain injury such as a stroke.

Opening a jar, using a computer without pain, buttoning a shirt, driving a car, safely taking a shower, lifting boxes at work without hurting your back, and handwriting are all daily activities that may be altered by illness or injury.

Our OTs address deficits in strength, range of motion, coordination, cognition (memory, problem solving, safety awareness), vision, sensation, and balance which can affect your ability to take care of yourself, work, and drive.

For more information regarding our Occupational Therapy program, please contact Meghan Kirkey at meghan-kirkey@mercyic.org.