5 Reasons to See your Physical Therapist in 2020

5 Reasons to See your Physical Therapist in 2020

Melissa Engel, Staff PT – Tiffin PRA

While there are countless of reasons as to why you should see your Physical Therapist in 2020, but here are 5 you may not have thought about!

  1. You want to age successfully
    1. As we age, we decline in balance and overall strength increasing our risk for falls. 
    1. Physical therapists can help with age appropriate exercises to help you stay active. They will work with you to improve balance with goals of keeping your strong as you age to assist in improving ease of daily activities.
  • Relief from Orthopedic pain
  1. Physical therapy has been shown effective in decreasing pain. Studies have shown the earlier you are able to be seen by a physical therapist it may decreased the need for pain medication and for surgery.
    1. Did you know you do not need to see the doctor before being seen by physical therapist? Iowa is one of the many states with direct access, meaning a doctor referral is not necessary to be seen by a physical therapist. This will help get you in the door faster with goals of a quicker healing time.
  • You want to be stronger and better with sports and recreational activities
    • Physical therapists are musculoskeletal experts trained to design strengthening and agility programs to meet specific needs of patients. They are able to address certain muscles to target and get you to your optimal fitness level. They will recognize your impairments and work with you to improve your mechanics while performing sport

specific activities.

  • Treating an orthopedic injury
    • With the new year brings New Year’s resolutions for a healthier and more active lifestyle in 2020. Unfortunately, this may lead to the potential for an overuse injury or you may be suffering from an old injury which is preventing you from achieving your goals of a more active lifestyle. Physical therapists can be there to help speed the healing time and recovery process with specific exercises and manual techniques to target each patients’ unique needs.
    • Physical therapists also are extremely beneficial in the healing process after an orthopedic surgery. They will be able to assist you within proper time frames and per protocol to improve your range of motion, flexibility and strength to get you back to doing what you love.
  • You want to prevent injuries and live an active lifestyle
    • It may be beneficial to be seen by a physical therapist prior to beginning an exercise program to reduce risk of injury. They can evaluate your overall strength and fitness level. Help guide your work out plan to address specific muscles to target for a well-balanced exercise program.

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