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Are you a male living with pelvic pain? If so, at Progressive Rehabilitation Associates, we understand how challenging that can be. Fortunately, with our men’s health programs, we can get you back to living your life comfortably and confidently.

Men who are dealing with pelvic pain should know that it can be addressed and possibly fixed through pelvic floor rehabilitation at our Coralville, physical therapy practice. Our physical therapists know how to treat all patients, regardless of what condition you may be experiencing.

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Common Causes Of Pelvic Discomfort

Pelvic floor dysfunction is defined by the inability to control the muscles of your pelvic floor, and there are several factors that may be causing your pelvic floor pain.

Below is a list of possible conditions you might have that a pelvic floor therapist can treat:

Tight pelvic floor muscles

Did you know that your pelvic floor muscles can clench up? There are many reasons why this happens (such as injury, operations, lifting heavy objects, stress, scar tissue, a sedentary lifestyle, etc) but thankfully, a Coralville, Iowa City, North Liberty, Tiffin, Tipton, or Williamsburg, IA physical therapist can help determine exactly what is causing your pain and how you can prevent it in the future.


This condition results in inflammation and swelling, and occurs in the prostate gland. Prostatitis can be caused by a bacterial infection that can be cured through antibiotics. If you are diagnosed with chronic prostatitis, however, this is a long-term problem that will require more help than medication can offer.

Post-prostatectomy pain

There are several different types of prostatectomies, and you may be experiencing a complication from yours if you’ve had one. Many men deal with urinary incontinence after a prostatectomy.

Pudendal Neuralgia

Your pudendal nerve travels through your pelvic floor muscles. If those muscles are too tight, this nerve can become irritated. If this nerve is compressed for too long, you may begin experiencing painful symptoms.

Are You Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms?

The symptoms of pelvic floor pain and/or dysfunction can vary depending on a multitude of factors. You might notice some days that you experience more pain than others. This painful condition has been linked to events that weaken the pelvic muscles or tear connective tissue.

Common pelvic pain symptoms that can be remedied through our men’s health program include:

  • Aches and pains in your abdominal region
  • Pain in the testicles, groin, or hip areas
  • Burning sensations in the pelvic area
  • Frequent need to urinate
  • Incontinence
  • Pain with ejaculation
  • Pain in the rectum or tailbone
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Lower back pain
  • Constipation
  • Pain with bowel movements
  • Rectal spasms
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • GI disorders

Let Us Help You Get Your Life Back!

Pelvic floor rehabilitation focuses on improving the strength, endurance, flexibility, and motor control of the pelvic floor muscles. At Progressive Rehabilitation Associates, we know that the topic of pelvic health can be embarrassing for our patients to talk about; however, you are not alone. Rest assured that our skilled physical therapists are here to start the conversation of how to relieve your pelvic pain so you can enjoy your life, rather than continue living in discomfort.

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