Get Healthy PT

Physical Therapy (PT) with Lifestyle Medicine Approach

Julie Fitzpatrick and Optimal Wellness PLLC have partnered with Progressive Rehabilitation Associates (PRA) to provide lifestyle medicine based physical therapy services in the Get Healthy PT Program, a program Julie helped start and leads.

Julie Fitzpatrick, DPT, and founder/owner of Optimal Wellness incorporates her knowledge of physical therapy and lifestyle medicine to enlighten and empower you to develop healthy habits that promote a healthier and happier you.

Through individual assessment, goal setting and consultation, you receive the structure, support and guidance to implement simple lifestyle changes such as: fueling the body properly, recognizing the importance of sleep, hydrating and self-care, and incorporating the appropriate exercises needed to impact change related to pain, inflammation, energy level and daily function.

In order to qualify for services you must have a physical therapy diagnosis.

To learn more about Julie and Optimal Wellness please visit her sight at