Occupational Therapy


Start Living Pain-Free Again With Occupational Therapy

Do you suffer from a painful injury or a medical condition that prevents you from doing the things you enjoy? Occupational therapy is an excellent method for learning how to perform daily tasks without difficulty, regardless of the condition or injury preventing you from doing so.

Progressive Rehabilitation Associates’s occupational therapists can help you regain control of your life. Schedule an appointment with one of our Coralville, Iowa City, North Liberty, Tiffin, Tipton, or Williamsburg, IA therapists right away!

How Do Physical Therapy And Occupational Therapy Differ?

Although occupational therapy and physical therapy are similar, there are significant differences in how these therapies help patients.

Occupational therapy focuses on your capacity to execute specific motions during everyday activities. Physical therapy aims to improve the patient’s overall ability to perform particular movements.

A physical therapist, for example, will work with a stroke patient to strengthen back muscles. In contrast, an occupational therapist will work with the patient to learn practical skills such as walking, feeding, washing, and dressing. PT and OT are frequently combined to maximize patients’ relief.

Schedule an appointment today to determine if OT is right for you and whether incorporating it into your physical therapy plan would be beneficial.

The Benefits Of Occupational Therapy In Coralville, Iowa City, North Liberty, Tiffin, Tipton, or Williamsburg, IA

Occupational therapy involves more than just treating minor injuries and mishaps. It can help people of all ages, from assisting disabled children in educational and social settings to helping adults in maintaining physical and cognitive fitness.

Our occupational therapists focus on each patient’s practical needs by incorporating exercises and practices that promote physical and psychological well-being.

At Progressive Rehabilitation Associates, our OT plans include:

  • An individual evaluation to determine patient goals.
  • Customized intervention activities to improve the patient’s daily tasks and activities.
  • An evaluation of outcomes to determine whether or not goals were met and, if necessary, to make changes to the treatment plan.

Occupational therapists address psychological, social, and environmental factors that can impede an individual’s functioning in various ways.

Start Living The Life You Love Again

If you are looking for an occupational therapist in Coralville, Iowa City, North Liberty, Tiffin, Tipton, or Williamsburg, IA, you have come to the right place! You will feel better emotionally, physically, and mentally once you can easily engage in your hobbies and daily activities again. 
Progressive Rehabilitation Associates is ready to help you live a more enjoyable, comfortable, and functional life! There are several benefits to occupational therapy, but you will only find out for yourself if you request an appointment with Progressive Rehabilitation Associates!

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