Progressive Rehabilitation Associates Testimonials

Kale- PRA Plaza

Larry – Speech Therapy Testimonial PRA Plaza

Adam was very competent and professional. He knows what he's doing and doesn't have you keep coming back after he feels you have reached your goal. 

-Wayne B.

All of the therapists at Progressive Rehab Coral West are knowledgeable and compassionate. I could recommend all of them. My go-to guy is Andy Gallo. It doesn't matter whether it's a knee injury, back issues and currently my rehab for a knee replacement, I couldn't imagine doing it without Andy. My truest for him is without question.

-Jill D.

Definitely the go-to place for caring and knowledgeable physical therapy. I first received treatment there at age 71 for some elbow/shoulder problems. Then, the next year for recovery from knee replacement surgery. Currently, for some treatment of a weakened and tender shoulder. All three times I have finished with the clinic a very happy and satisfied patient.

-Moe W.

Can't say enough of how well you're taken care of from day 1. Very easy to work with, and will accommodate by working with you to make sure your appointments work in your schedule. Very nice people to work with and always make you feel like they're there for you. Highly recommend their service!

-Patrick H.

Jade offers exercises that are very helpful to my recovery and gives an excellent job of explaining what they are for as well as reasons for my health issues.

-Rob V.

My therapist is great! The exercises she has given me seem to be strengthening the areas associated with the pain and she is very knowledgeable about the issues I'm having.

-Sharon E.