Adios, Hip & Knee Pain! Physical and Occupational Therapy Are Here To Save The Day!

Adios, Hip & Knee Pain! Physical and Occupational Therapy Are Here To Save The Day!

Adios, Hip & Knee Pain! Physical and Occupational Therapy Are Here To Save The Day!

If you find yourself turning down cool opportunities to hang out with friends and family because of hip and knee pain, there’s a problem. Believing that your body is working against you is an awful way to feel, and at Progressive Rehabilitation Associates in Williamsburg, IO, we understand how important it is for you to feel better so you can enjoy your life again!

Are you struggling with your day to day activities because of pain? Physical and occupational therapy at Progressive Rehabilitation Associates may be great options for you, whether your pain is experienced when you’re sitting or moving.

We want to help you get back to your regular routine, so be sure to call Williamsburg, IA office for a consultation with a licensed therapist, and learn how we can help relieve your hip pain and knee pain!

Why are the hips and knees so important?

The hips and knees are major joints! They collaborate together to provide optimal movement and support for your body’s weight. They have a significant task ahead of them, therefore it’s critical that they perform at their best.

Several ligaments and muscles make up your knee. Knee pain is the second most common cause of persistent pain after back pain. Failure to address this type of discomfort might result in major problems in your life.

Hips are complex, just like knees, and both types of discomfort can afflict people of any age.

The femoral head and the acetabulum are the two elements of your hip joint. The acetabulum is the socket that the femoral head fits into, while the femoral head is the round, “ball-shaped” piece of bone. The femoral head and the acetabulum are connected by ligaments.

What kinds of knee pain are there?

Knee pain can be a direct side effect of any number of injuries or diseases. It can also come about as a result of a car accident, a bad fall, or a sports-related injury. Some of the most commonly experienced types of knee pain include:

  • Gout
  • Ligament strains and sprains
  • Overuse (example: too much running on rough, hard ground)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Anterior injuries
  • Fractures around the knee

Knee pain can affect your overall mobility as well as reduce your strength and affect muscle control.

What kinds of hip pain are there?

Hip pain is a common condition that can be caused by many different things. If you have a problem with your hip joint, you may have pain in your groin area or just inside your hip. If you’re experiencing discomfort on the outside of your hip, it’s most likely due to tendons, muscles, or ligaments.

Hip pain can be caused by the following illnesses:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Gout
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Sprains
  • Hip fracture
  • Sciatica

It can be caused by an injury or trauma to the hip joint, arthritis in the hip joint, or a condition called femoroacetabular impingement (FAI).

How can physical and occupational therapy in Williamsburg, IA help relieve my pain?

If you have any of the problems or symptoms listed above, you should contact a physical or occupational therapist. To build a custom treatment plan for your hip or knee pain, your physical therapist can perform an in-depth evaluation of your gait, palpation, range of motion measures, and a battery of mobility tests.

Not all therapy programs are the same! Other types of therapy, such as heat or ice therapy, exercises, and ultrasound therapy, may be required for your treatment depending on the problem.

For example, joint mobilization treatments have been shown in studies to aid with both long and short-term hip issues. Even better, there is frequently an increase in overall mobility as well!

Occupational therapy is a profession that helps people with disabilities, injuries, or illnesses to participate in everyday activities. Occupational therapists help people develop, recover, or maintain the skills they need to do their jobs and daily routines.

The occupational therapists at Progressive Rehabilitation Associates in Williamsburg, IA will work with you to identify what may have caused your hip pain and how it affects your daily life. They will then work with you on ways to manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life, and move around your home with ease.

Occupational therapists help people with disabilities and chronic conditions to live more independently. They do this by teaching them how to do tasks that they would otherwise be unable to do on their own, such as cooking, cleaning, or going shopping. Occupational therapists also teach people how to use assistive devices like canes or wheelchairs. If your condition requires the use of an assistive device, your OT will inform you of this and teach you how to use it.

Request an appointment in Williamsburg, IA today!

Don’t let knee or hip pain keep you from living the life you were destined to lead! Physical and occupational therapy are excellent options if you’re searching for true pain relief that lasts longer than medication.

If you’re suffering from hip or knee pain, make sure you contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced physical and occupational therapists. They can help reduce or even eliminate your pain so that you can go back to living a pain-free lifestyle.


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