By the Inch It’s a Cinch – Tips for a healthy Spring/Summer in the Garden

By the Inch It’s a Cinch – Tips for a healthy Spring/Summer in the Garden

Written By: Andy Gallo, PT – Staff PT at Coralwest, and Amanda Brandt- Student Physical Therapist

When these spring months begin to sprout so will your yards and gardens. As we are getting over the winter weather, I know all you avid gardeners and lawn working lovers will be getting your hands in the dirt.

One thing we at PRA want to do is help you prevent injuries with your lawn and garden work. All too often we have patients that injure themselves from working on their landscaping or perfecting  produce in the backyard garden.

These injuries are very preventable. Using proper techniques and modifying your activities when doing work in the yard can make a huge difference to a possibly bad outcome.

Here are a few tips for improving your body mechanics and thought process as you do your yard activities.

  • Make sure to use your legs when you lift something– bend at your hips and knees this will decrease the strain on your low back.
    • If you do bend over make sure it is not for prolonged periods of time
    • If you need to work at a lower level then use a stool or a chair instead of squatting for a long period of time.
    • If the item is too heavy, get help.



When lifting use proper mechanics

  • Don’t twist or rotate while lifting
  • Drop your butt
  • Keep the back straight
  • Use your legs when you lift
  • Keep whatever you are lifting close to your body
  • When raking travel with the rake.
  • Keep the rake closer to your body to prevent strain on the shoulder joints.



  • While kneeling use knee pads, a work pad, or even some towels to cushion the knees.
    • This will decrease the wear and tear on the knees and often switch to your other knee.



  • Stay hydrated!
    • It may not be a sweltering 80 something degrees outside but you have to drink water.
      • Dehydration can occur even when you are not hot.

By the INCH it’s a cinch and by the YARD it’s hard. Meaning, do not try to get all your work done all at one time.  Take breaks in between activities or switch to a different activity to prevent injuries.

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