Find Natural Pain Relief Through Physical Therapy – No Medication Needed!

Find Natural Pain Relief Through Physical Therapy – No Medication Needed!

Find Natural Pain Relief Through Physical Therapy – No Medication Needed!

If you’ve ever been injured, you know how quickly it can flip your life upside down. Whether it’s a car accident, a sports-related injury, a job injury, or simply an unintentional fall, the anguish of an unexpected injury can leave you feeling helpless. Many patients turn to pain-relieving medicines like opioids to combat this. Many people are unaware of how much harm these medications cause their bodies.

The civilization in which we now live is heavily medicated. You’ll find a plethora of over-the-counter pain relievers in any grocery shop or pharmacy. Doctors also frequently prescribe stronger pain medicines, such as opioids, which have grown increasingly overused over time. Addiction to drugs is rampant, and patients are waging a constant battle against it.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain but don’t want to fill your body with addictive pharmaceuticals, you’ll be relieved to learn that physical therapy is a healthier, safer option.

Physical therapy is a safe and effective treatment for chronic pain that will improve your quality of life in the long run. Let’s have a look at how this type of natural treatment can help you improve your quality of life, and don’t forget, call Progressive Rehabilitation Associates in Tipton, IO today to schedule an appointment with one of our incredible therapists.

Finding healthy pain relief through physical therapy in Tipton, IA

If you keep up with the news on a daily basis, you’ve most likely heard about the dangers opioid medications pose. These narcotics, which include both illegal drugs and prescription medication, are the cause for at least 115 overdose deaths in America every single day.

The APTA states that clinicians “[…] should consider opioid therapy only if expected benefits for both pain and function are anticipated to outweigh risks to the patient.” Opioids are extremely powerful and can interact with other drugs in a dangerous way. They also lead to abuse and addiction as well.

Steroids are another risky class of prescription medication that comes with a slew of hazards and dangers. Epidural steroid injections are used to treat pain, however, the injection itself can induce hip arthritis, cataracts, stomach ulcers, high blood sugar, and nerve damage.

Even common NSAIDs like ibuprofen can cause liver problems and gastrointestinal bleeding, which is concerning because many individuals who don’t have chronic injuries take them on a daily basis.

Physical therapy may be able to help you avoid all of these unpleasant side effects. Although you may still need medication in some cases of severe pain, physical therapy has helped many individuals reduce — or even eliminate — their reliance on pain medication.

Whether it’s an acute injury or a wound from a recent operation, our physical therapists will utilize a combination of treatment strategies to help you manage your pain.

Physical therapy is a wonderful option for you if you want to manage your chronic pain in a way that doesn’t need you to take drugs all of the time, or if you’re currently taking other medications and are concerned about how they’ll interact with your pain medications.

How a physical therapist in Tipton, IA eases chronic pain

Physical therapy treatments must also vary because everyone is different, and everyone’s pain problems are as well. Depending on your specific ailment, your physical therapy pain management regimen may differ from someone else’s.

If you’re suffering from pain due to a recent injury, your therapist may employ massage therapy, heat, cold, ultrasound, or other techniques to help you feel better and heal faster.

A physical therapist will prescribe gentle stretches, walking, swimming, or cycling to help with the mobilization process once you can move around and exercise safely. These types of physical therapy are excellent for restoring soft tissue flexibility and allowing them to move more freely and comfortably. They also help to keep arthritic joints lubricated and flexible.

Strengthening exercises can help to repair and rehabilitate injured muscles so they no longer cause discomfort. Certain exercises are also included in physical therapy to assist you improve your posture, balance, and gait.

Your physical therapist will show you how to perform it, but they will not be doing all of the work! You must put out effort for therapy to be beneficial for you. Our physical therapists will take the time to educate you about your pain and the necessity of continuing your stretches and exercises at home for long-term relief, but it is ultimately up to you to actively participate in your pain-relieving journey!

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It should be clear now that opioids and over-the-counter drugs are not your only pain management option. There is a multitude of treatment options available to you through physical therapy.

Our therapists are here, waiting on your call! Contact our Tipton, IA physical therapy clinic today to learn more about your natural alternatives and get back to living a drug-free, pain-free lifestyle.


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