Having Headaches? Try this trick to see if your headaches could benefit from Massage

Having Headaches? Try this trick to see if your headaches could benefit from Massage

Hello current and future clients!

My name is Scott and I am fortunate to serve the Progressive Rehabilitation client base after returning to my home state of Iowa from the Front Range of Colorado. In my massage practice, I have been able to meet and work with many folks from various walks of life. Do you suffer from headaches? If you are like most people, you may have decided that this is something that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. 

Within 3 sessions with me, most clients experience great relief in both intensity and frequency of their headaches. Here’s the science behind my treatment. 

There is a muscle in your neck called the  sternocleidomastoid. This is a long muscle in the side of the neck that extends up from the clavicle to the base of the skull behind the ear. Often tension headaches travel from this muscle through the forehead, over the eye or through the jaw. One way of knowing whether you have a tension headache stemming from this muscle is to pinch it and see if this refers pain across your forehead or above the eye. If this muscle is tight or painful upon squeezing, there is a good chance that your headache can be drastically improved in a single session and treated in 1-3 sessions. 

It is amazing how referred pain works. Our bodies have connective tissues under the surface that we cannot see or entirely understand. As your personal massage therapist, I have trained in human anatomy and in the channels that pain follows through the body. I would love to help you understand this more clearly through the dissipation or total relief of pain that you may be experiencing currently. 



Scott Hoffman 

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