Trying to Find the Right Words

Trying to Find the Right Words

Written by Scott M. Thoma, P.T. – Partner, Clinic Manager Tipton and Mercy Medical Plaza

2015 has brought significant change to Progressive Rehabilitation Associates, (PRA).  On January 1st we said good-bye to founding members Drew Bossen and Vince Eldridge and said hello to new partners Matt Ehler, Adam Calonder, Travis Bielefeld, and myself; joining Joe Albright as leaders of our organization.  While the faces of our leadership have changed, our principals have not.  As we enter the Holiday season I find myself reflecting on our past, our present, and our future with the resounding thought that comes to my mind is gratitude. Gratitude

What does Gratitude mean to me?  It by definition is this:  “The Quality of Being Thankful”.  Thankful is such a powerful word, and one that I personally don’t use near enough.  So what am I thankful for?  I’m thankful to be part of an organization that began in one small office in 1989 and since that time has grown to multiple offices in several communities, and to be able to serve the physical, occupational, and speech therapy needs of literally thousands of people per year.  I’m thankful to be able to lead a group of amazing employees who share my same vision in providing our patients unlimited ability to achieve their goals.

The quote above is one that hits home to me.  We often take for granted the things that we need to be most grateful for, and for us as an organization, that is YOU.  Without our patients we wouldn’t be who we are today, and as a new leader of PRA I cannot find the words to express how grateful I am to each and every person that has come into our lives.  I could only hope that I have been able to leave as big of an impact on my patients as they have left on me.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!






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