What Every Runner Hates to Hear: Shin Splints

What Every Runner Hates to Hear: Shin Splints

Runners Guide to Shin Splints: Melissa Engle, PT/DPT CoralWest and Tiffin PRA

As spring approaches and the weather starts warming up so does your motivation for trying out the running trails. If your new to running or recently training for a marathon; you may begin to experience the dreaded shin splints.

What are shin splints?  Simply put: an overuse of repetitive stress to the shin area; when the body is unable to heal properly after repetitive muscle contractions and stresses to the tibia. Diagnosis of shin splints is referred to medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS). There are many causes of MTSS which usually involve training errors as well as biomechanical abnormalities .

How are shin splints treated?     There are many ways to treat shin splints: rest, ice, and correction of biomechanical or muscle imbalances.

A physical therapist can assist by performing a musculoskeletal examination where they will be able to pinpoint deficits or biomechanical abnormalities. They will then be able to implement a treatment plan individualized to your specific impairments with goals of improving flexibility, hip strength, core strength as well as movement quality. A physical therapist may also assist in determining proper footwear and orthotics if needed.

Give any of our offices a call and we would be more than happy to assist in getting back to running pain free!

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