Running Into Spring

Running Into Spring

Written by: Travis Bielefeld, Managing Partner

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Wind burned face, runny nose, and numb fingers and toes are a few of the sensations I have while running outside in this mid-winter weather.  Oh yeah and trying to beat the early night sky, just another thought that runs through my mind.

To my fellow outdoor runners — don’t you get so excited for those 30-40 degree Fahrenheit days?

As the days do finally get warmer and you get back out on the cement, trails, or track to log those miles remember to ease into it. It’s important to progressively increase your miles when you may have been stuck on the treadmill or sticking to another form of cardio during the winter months so far.

I know when I get on the roads after a while of sticking to indoor running that a few mile run can feel more like a marathon.

Although the temps may rise you have to be careful to still keep your body warm and that works best with layers. Wear multiple thin moisture-wicking clothing under a lightweight waterproof jacket—ideally with pockets to store gloves, keys, and those smartphones.

In addition to wearing layers keeping those ears covered keeps them warm without overheating.

When it comes to the weather and you are unsure of your judgement and what to properly wear, just subscribed to Runner’s World they have the answer for you:

A pre run warm-up inside is beneficial- this gets your heart rate up and increases your core temp before going outside. If you’re already warmed up before braving the weather your muscles will have more blood flow initially. Double bonus—it improves your running performance and helps prevent injuries.

Make sure to let someone know you are going for a run and if you are nearing those night time hours wearing fluorescent colors or better yet hooking a light to your body will keep you visible and safe.

There are other tips to dressing properly and staying safe on the roads provided by New York Road Runners here:

Layering and safety are the main points to hit when discussing winter running but there also can be the need for winter running shoes.

I have not been one to buy new shoes just for winter running but here are 5 reasons you should according to

If you do not buy new shoes for winter months make sure you are buying shoes when there are 300-500 miles racked up on a pair.

For those of you with any running injuries we at PRA are here to help. If you happen to have pain or difficulty running feel free to contact us and come in for an evaluation to keep you on track.

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